Motorcycle Accident

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This is my foot after being punctured numerous times by a shift lever.

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My  hand after prolonged contact with pavement.

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The result of sliding on my shoulder for a few hundred feet.

    In the fall of 92 I started a new job.  At the time I was riding an Enduro(Onroad Offroad Motorcycle).  I was heading to work on my second day at a company that runs private landfills and sand and gravel mining operations.   The landfill I was headed to was on an access road.  The access road is a private road that at that time in the morning(6:00 AM) has no one on it.  The road is lined with bushes on each side and as I was going down the road a coyote bolted from the bushes under my motorcycle.  I never actually saw the coyote before the accident occurred.  The only thing I knew was I was riding one moment,  and endowing the next.  I didn't know why I had wrecked until afterwards when I looked back at my totaled bike and the coyote in the road.  The results of the crash were unbelievably no broken bones,  but the shift lever punctured through my shoe multiple times as I rolled with the bike.  When it came time for me to eject from the bike the shift lever was still in my foot and ripped it's way out upon exit.  I rolled for quite some time to eventually skid face first.  In addition to the puncture wounds in my feet there were various holes in my other foot and a large portion of the skin on my palm was removed.  Also every one of my fingertips other than two  were broken open.   My shoulder had a majority of the skin removed from it.  After a few days at home I was back to work,  and after a month on crutches I was back on my feet.   And after another month it was time for a new motorcycle.

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