Over the past few years I have backpacked quite a bit of the Tucson area.   I have also hiked the Grand Canyon South to North rim.  I have backpacked almost every trail on the East end of the Catalina Mountain range.For the last eight years I had hiked mostly by myself but in the past two years I have been hiking with my dog Thor. Also early this spring I went hiking with my younger brother and a friend of his.  At the time there was a foot of snow on the ground.   We were dropped of at the Palisades Ranger Station and hiked the Palisades trail,   spent the night near Sycamore Dam and hiked down through Prison Camp,   down to the first mile marker on Catalina Highway.  It was my brothers first time backpacking and he seemed to like it.  Thor as usual was along for the trip.   My longest trip so far in the Catalinas was being dropped off at the top of Mount Lemon and hiking a trail that goes partially down the backside of Mount Lemon and then comes over Mount Bigelow, and then down through the same Palisades trail.

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Alone in the wilderness.

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Shane, Ian and Thor somewhere between Palisades Ranger Station and Sycamore Reservoir.

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