Group Hike to Chiva Falls 3-27-2004

04032703.JPG (790835 bytes)
View of Chiva from trail.
04032704.JPG (783084 bytes)
Zoomed view of Chiva from trail.
stitch2.jpg (1214888 bytes)
Chiva from last part of trail.
04032708.JPG (765066 bytes)
Ruby showing us how cold the water is.
04032714.JPG (766362 bytes)
Part of group from above.
04032715.JPG (762602 bytes)
Zoomed part of group from above.
04032716.JPG (768230 bytes)
Part of group from shot from behind the waterfall.
04032723.JPG (771612 bytes)
Remaining snow in Rincons.
04032726.JPG (774035 bytes)
Jen and John.
stitch1.jpg (886446 bytes)
Chiva Falls.
04032728.JPG (778255 bytes)
Group shot.
blah04032701.JPG (778446 bytes)
The End.