Mt Wrightston Backpacking



Day 1 
    Hike Distance       9 Miles
    Elevation Start      4500 feet
    Elevation End       8720 feet
    Peak Elevation     8880 feet

Day 2
    Hike Distance      8.7 Miles
    Elevation Start     8720 feet
    Elevation End      4500 feet
    Peak Elevation    9453 feet


04030802.JPG (758793 bytes)
Mt Wrightson viewed 
from Baldy Saddle
04030805.JPG (701691 bytes)
Mt Hopkins Observatory
04030808.JPG (775336 bytes)
Madera Canyon viewed 
from Baldy Saddle
04030815.JPG (796497 bytes)
Neosha resting after a long 
climb to the campsite
04030821.JPG (776786 bytes)
Tent with Mt Wrightson
 in the background
04030822.JPG (789705 bytes)
View of Gardner canyon at Sunset in shadow of Mt Wrightson
04030824.JPG (747389 bytes)
Mt Hopkins observatory
 at sunset
04030930.JPG (779105 bytes)
Close-up view of Mt Hopkins
04030935.JPG (779569 bytes)
View from above of the "trail" leading to Mt Wrighston
04030936.JPG (776258 bytes)
Baldy Saddle as viewed from trail to Mt Wrighston
04030938.JPG (780505 bytes)
Neosha not having problems
on the trail
04030947.JPG (803382 bytes)
Some of the locals
04030948.JPG (799039 bytes)
Some of the locals
04030949.JPG (794904 bytes)
Some of the locals
stitch1.jpg (972774 bytes)
Panoramic of Mt Hopkins
stitch2.jpg (893607 bytes)
Zoomed Panoramic of Mt Hopkins

When Neoshas go wild!