Zion Trip


Bryce Canyon

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Road around East side of the Grand Canyon
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Foot bridge over the Colorado
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Colorado River
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Foot bridge over the Colorado
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Scenic Overlook at Vermillion Cliffs
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Entrance to Bryce Canyon
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First look at Bryce Canyon
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Bryce Canyon
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Bryce Canyon
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Bryce Canyon
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Bryce Canyon
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Deer crossing near campground
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Deer crossing near campground
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Deer crossing near campground
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Deer crossing near campground
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Trail near campground
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Camp site
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Roasting marshmallows
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Roasting marshmallows
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Trail near camp
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Hiking Navajo Loop
IMG_0222.JPG (536428 bytes)
Hiking Navajo Loop
IMG_0223.JPG (614543 bytes)
Hiking Navajo Loop (Switchbacks)
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Hiking Navajo Loop (Switchbacks)
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Hiking Navajo Loop (Switchbacks)
IMG_0231.JPG (595857 bytes)
Hiking Navajo Loop (Switchbacks)
IMG_0232.JPG (662666 bytes)
Hiking Navajo Loop (Switchbacks)
IMG_0233.JPG (716904 bytes)
Hiking Navajo Loop (Wallstreet)
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Hiking Navajo Loop
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Hiking Navajo Loop
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Hiking Navajo Loop
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Hiking Navajo Loop
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Panoramic on Navajo Loop
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Panoramic of Bryce Canyon


Zion Canyon

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Park entrance
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Park entrance
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Mt. Shredded Wheat
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Beginning of Emerald Pools trail
IMG_0255.JPG (882460 bytes)
Emerald Pools trail
IMG_0258.JPG (830478 bytes)
Looking up into Zion Canyon
IMG_0262.JPG (651118 bytes)
Butterfly on trail
IMG_0263.JPG (556514 bytes)
Playing in the pools
IMG_0269.JPG (403259 bytes)
Emerald Falls
IMG_0272.JPG (884113 bytes)
On the trail
IMG_0274.JPG (804180 bytes)
Squirrel on trail
IMG_0279.JPG (287822 bytes)
Elizabeth contemplating jumping in


Grand Canyon

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Deer in campground
IMG_0282.JPG (922537 bytes)
Deer in campground
IMG_0284.JPG (674555 bytes)
Elizabeth posing with deer in campground
IMG_0290.JPG (987880 bytes)
Deer in campground
IMG_0288.JPG (701078 bytes)
Elizabeth at scenic overlook
IMG_0289.JPG (857269 bytes)
View of Indian Gardens
IMG_0292.JPG (467955 bytes)
Lunch at Arizona Room
IMG_0294.JPG (484675 bytes)
Elizabeth Sean at scenic overlook
IMG_0304.JPG (457017 bytes)
Dinner at Bright Angel Lodge
IMG_0305.JPG (502156 bytes)
Setting sun at overlook
IMG_0309.JPG (437124 bytes)
Playing with sepia effect
IMG_0313.JPG (1959910 bytes)
Perched condor
IMG_0316.JPG (363875 bytes)
Setting sun at overlook
IMG_0320.JPG (944323 bytes)
IMG_0321.JPG (535249 bytes)
Hiking Bright Angel Trail
IMG_0322.JPG (724528 bytes)
Resting Bright Angel Trail
IMG_0323.JPG (830726 bytes)
Waiting for the mule train
IMG_0324.JPG (739686 bytes)
Looking back up at trail
IMG_0327.JPG (743266 bytes)
Indian Gardens
IMG_0329.JPG (693865 bytes)
Still waiting for the mule trains
IMG_0331.JPG (715940 bytes)
Sepia picture of mule train
IMG_0332.JPG (709181 bytes)
Mule train
IMG_0335.JPG (661290 bytes)
Waiting for view of soaring condors
IMG_0340.JPG (379226 bytes)
Soaring condor
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