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July Challenge Hike

4th Of July

June Challenge Hike - Lemmon\Meadow

May Challenge Hike - Rose Peak

February Challenge Hike - Green Mountain

January Challenge Hike - Butterfly


December Challenge Hike

Las Vegas MRA Recert

November Hike Challenge - The Thimble

October Hike Challenge - Blacketts

SWAT Scenario

September Hike Challenge - Aspen\Marshall

August Hike Challenge - Box Camp

Pima Rescue Injuries

Drone Demo

Helo Recert

Vaccination Training


St Joes Event

Bear Wallow

Void of Form Exercise

January Challenge Hike


December Challenge Hike

MRA Recert

August Challenge Hike

July Challenge Hike

4th Of July

National Georgraphic Filming

June Challenge Hike

May Challenge Hike


2019 Whiskey Offroad

April Challenge Hike

March Challenge Hike

Jan - Feb Challenge Hike

2019 MRA Snow Recert


December Hike Challenge

60th Commemorative Baldy Hike

REI Panel Discussion

November Hike Challenge

October Hike Challenge

August Fit Challenge

July Fit Challenge

June Fit Challenge

Summerhaven 4th of July Parade

Whiskey Race Support

May Fit Challenge

April Fit Challenge

Annual Meeting

March Fit Challenge

Feb Fit Challenge

2018 Awards Ceremony

January Fit Challenge


December Fit Challenge

November Fit Challenge

Tortoise Rescue

September Fit Challenge

August Fit Challenge

Team Building Exercise

2017 Candidate Hike

Bear Canyon Gear Rescue

July Fit Challenge

PSAR - Bear Canyon

2017 First Orientation

June Fitness Challenge

May Fitness Challenge

April Fitness Challenge

TMC PR Event

March Fitness Challenge

January Fitness Challenge


December Fitness Challenge

Candidate Graduation

PR Event - Lineweaver Elementary

2016 Candidate Hike

4th Of July Parade

Saguaro Survey

2016 24 Hour Race

Saguaro Survey - Saguaro National Park East

Paul Clifton Graduation


Tanque Verde Canyon Hike

SARA Hike to Mt. Wrightson

2015 SALT Graduation

Rope Cutting Party

2015 Candidate Hike

Swiftwater Rodeo

Kimball Sign Planting

Oro Valley Drug Awareness Day

Tonto Rim Accreditation

New R3

2015 24 Hour Race Support


2014 Candidate Graduation

2014 MRA Recert

2014 PCSD Candidate Hike

2014 24 Hour Race Medical Support


2013 Mountain Rescue Conference

Finger Rock Gear Recovery

MRA Recert

Tom Harlan Memorial


Sabino Connector Trail

PCSO Helo Recert

Sara Vehicles II

Sara Vehicles


Thimble Peak Hike 2

Snow Shoe Practice

Thimble Peak Hike

PCSO Candidate Hike

New Rescue Vehicle

2011 Candidate Hike

NPS Photo Shoot


2010 Candidate Hike

Coconino SAR Search Accreditation

Parking Lot Work 2

Parking Lot Work

Summerhaven 4th of July Parade

April TRT Meeting

2010 Winter Skills Training


2009 Candidate Hike

4th of July Parade (Summerhaven)

TJ's Retirement at Old Tucson

Sara House Ground Breaking Ceremony

MRA Recert

Sara House Progress 2

Saguaro Transplant

Sara House Progress

T Shirt Party

4 x 4 Offroad Show Fundraiser

Josephine Saddle Commemorative Hike

2008 Vertical Mile

08 Candidate Hike

9-6-08 Lower Bag Recovery

3-15-08 Critical Spacing Experiment

Medical at the 2008 24Hour Race

2-10-08 MRA Recert

9-1-07 Canyoning 7 Cataracts

8-18-07 Candidate Hike

1290 Interview (Lee Ryan)

SARA in AZ Daily Star

Channel 13 News Coverage

2006 Vertical Mile

Sabino Canyon Recon Hike 10-14-06