Search And Rescue

OruxMaps is an application available from the Google Play Store for devices running the Android operating system.

To use a map within OruxMaps, download a map set from one or more of the below links to either your phone or to a computer. Move the files from the downloads directory to the the oruxmaps\mapfiles directory. If you need help moving the files around, ask!

Catalina Mountains Garmin Vector Map (OruxMaps)

Garmin Zip file(Tucson Map plus Arizona Topo) (OruxMaps)


Catalina Mountains Green Trails(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Catalina Mountains USA(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Catalina Mountains SAHC(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Mt. Bigelow Detailed Map(OruxMaps,Gaia)


Rincon Mountains Green Trails(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Rincon Mountains Trails Illustrated(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Rincon Mountains USA(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Santa Ritas

Santa Rita Mountains Green Trails(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Santa Rita USA(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Tucson Mountains

Tucson Mountains Green Trails(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Tucson Mountains Trails Illustrated(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Tucson Mountains USA(OruxMaps,Gaia)


Tortolita Mountains USA(OruxMaps,Gaia)


TV Canyon Satellite Imagery(OruxMaps,Gaia)

TV Canyon Topo(OruxMaps,Gaia)

TV Canyon DRG(OruxMaps,Gaia)

24 HOP Map(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Az Topo Garmin Map(OruxMaps)

Elevation Files for 3D mode(OruxMaps)

Humphreys Peak Garmin Vector Map(OruxMaps)

Humphreys Peak Tiles Map(OruxMaps,Gaia)

Superstitions Mountains

Test Link