Ventana to the Window and out Esperero

Elevation Profile
HPIM1799 HPIM1800 HPIM1808 HPIM1810 HPIM1813
HPIM1819 HPIM1824 HPIM1828 HPIM1839 HPIM1841
HPIM1843 HPIM1844 HPIM1854 HPIM1857 HPIM1858
HPIM1859 HPIM1860 HPIM1862 IMG_8471 IMG_8473
IMG_8475 IMG_8479 IMG_8487 IMG_8496 IMG_8500
IMG_8506 IMG_8513 IMG_8515 IMG_8523 IMG_8524
IMG_8525 IMG_8538 IMG_8539 IMG_8544 IMG_8545
IMG_8546 IMG_8558 IMG_8559 IMG_8563 IMG_8564
IMG_8566 IMG_8568 IMG_8576 IMG_8581 IMG_8582
IMG_8591 IMG_8592 IMG_8594 IMG_8595 Overlay
SL011863 SL031836 SR021864 stitch Stitch2
Stitch3 stitch4 stitch5 stitch6
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