Winter Backpack Trip to Wrightson
Alaska Winter Trip
Rose Canyon Snow Day
Mount Baldy Hike
Rincon Peak Backpack Trip
Mount Wrigtson (Almost)
St Paul Trip
Labor Day Weekend Bigelow Camping
Hiking Reed Lakes
Hiking Almost O'Malley peak and Little O'Malley Peak
Hiking Sheridan Mountain - Cordova AK
Hiking Crater Lake - Cordova AK
Prescott - Flagstaff Trip
SLC Trip
Hiking Madera Road
Hiking Bigelow Road
Hiking Mount Baldy
Hiking the Comfort Springs Trail
Hiking Lockett Meadow to Inner Basin
Shooting Day
Mt Baldy XCountry Ski and snowshoe Trip
Finger Rock to Pima Loop
Snow hike to Rose Canyon 12-31-19
Snow shoe hike 12-29-19
Josephine Saddle Snow Hike
Aspen/Marshal Snow Hike
WOR Big Loop
Hiking Baldy
Labor Day Weekend on Bigelow
Hike Across Wilderness of Rocks
Boston Trip
Rose Canyon Weekend
Memorial Weekend on Bigelow
16th Wedding Anniversary hike to Wrightson
2019 Humphreys Winter Ascent
Hiking to Guthrie
Foster-Todd Visit
Hiking to Baldy Trailhead
Backpacking to Rincon Peak
Hiking Ventana to Esperero Via the Window
Snowshoeing Palisade Trail
Hike to Wrightson
Thanksgiving Agua Caliente-Milagrossa Loop
Hike to Thimble Peak
Agua Caliente Hill
Summer Loop
Mt. Baldy Day Hike
Mt. Whitney Day Hike
Hike Up Romero Trail and Down Montrose
Day hike to Rincon Peak
Aspen Draw to Marshal Gulch
Hiking To Freel
Hiking To The Window
Hiking Rincon Peak
Hiking Hollin Canyon
Winter Ascent - Humphreys Peak
Hiking - Mount Baldy
Camping - Rose Canyon
Hiking Mt. Tallac
Hiking Rincon Peak
Hiking Picacho Peak
Humphrey's Winter Ascent 2016
Backpacking to Hutch's Pool
Hike to Thimble Peak
Wrightson Winter Ascent 2016
Wrightson Winter Ascent 2015
Humphrey's Winter Ascent 2015
Winter Hike to Baldy Saddle
White Mountains Weekend
July Bigelow Camping
4th Of July Hiking and Parade
Father's Day Weekend on Mt. Bigelow
Utah Trip
Hiking Miller Creek to Happy Valley Campground
Hiking Aspen Draw/Marshal Gulch
Hiking to Tanque Verde Peak
Winter Ascent - Humphrey's Peak
Sledding at Palisade
Snow hike Palisade Trail
Whitney Hike Trip
Box Camp Overnight and Day Hike to Brinkley Point
Africa Trip
Hiking The Hangover Trail
Hiking West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon
Backpacking to the Window
Hiking Picacho Peak
Hiking Cochise Indian Trail
Dog Sled/Wagon Build
RVFD Saftey Awareness Day
Hiking White Tank Mountains
Hiking Hollin Canyon
Hiking Mt Baldy
Hiking Crag's Crest Trail
Hiking Mt Holy Cross
Hiking Aspen Draw-Marshal
Car Camping General Hitchcock
Summerhaven 4th of July Parade
Overnight in Wilderness of Rocks
Hiking Big Laguna Lake Loop Trail
Flight Day
Hiking Palisade to Prison Camp
Snowshoeing Palisades Trail
Snowshoeing Humphreys Trail
Rincons Backpack Trip
Snoeshoeing Aspen Draw Trail II
Snoeshoeing Aspen Draw Trail
Hiking Samaniego Trail
Hiking Wrightson
Labor Day Fireworks
Lemmon/Marshall Loop Overnight
Overnight in Wilderness of Rocks
Rainier Trip
Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion Panoramics
Zion: Hiking Angel's Landing
Zion: Tandem Biking, hiking etc.
Zion: Hiking Observation Point and Hidden Canyon
Bryce Canyon: Hiking Navajo Loop
Grand Canyon
Hiking Grand Canyon South Rim to Plateau Point
Lemmon\Wilderness of Rocks Loop
Overnight in Wilderness of Rocks
Hiking Hollin Basin
Arizona Trail to Bear Springs
Hiking to Hutch's pool
Hiking Guthrie Mountain Trail
Hiking Ventana to the Window and out Esperero
Hodge Podge Day
Snow Shoeing Palisade Trail
Snow Shoeing Incinerator Ridge
Hike to Thimble Peak
Snow Shoeing Aspen Draw II
Snow Shoeing Aspen Draw
Hollin Basin Overnight
Hiking Finger Rock to Pima Canyon
Hiking to Wrightson
Overnight - Samaniego Trail
Hiking Wilderness of Rocks 2
Hiking Wilderness of Rocks
Hiking Rendezvous Ridge
Hiking Winner Creek Trail
Hiking O'Malley/Willawa Lakes
Hiking Samaniego Ridge Trail
Snow Hike to Josephine Saddle
2011 24 Hour Race
Az Trail - Kentucky Camp
Old Baldy - Temporal Gulch Trail
Hiking Carter Canyon to Aspen Loop
Hiking to Guthrie Peak
Hiking Arizona Trail
Hiking Bug Spring Trail
Snow Shoeing Red Ridge Trail
Snow Hike - Aspen Draw/Carter Canyon    Snow Hike on Bigelow
Brooke Sean Loop - Option B
Carrie Nation Loop
Overnight - Wilderness of Rocks
Incinerator Ridge/Leopold Point
Green Mountain Loop
Overnight below Box Spring
Hiking Meadow and Lemmon Traills
Hiking to Douglas Springs Campground
Hiking to Green Mountain
Marshall/Aspen Loop Hike
Aspen Loop Hike
Misc. Trip Pictures, AK
Hiking Wolverine Peak, AK
Weekend at Crooked Lake, AK
Hiking Rabbit Lake to McHugh Creek, AK
Seward-Whittier, AK
Hiking Power Line, AK
Hiking Flat Top, AK
Kitt Peak Night
DAR Induction Ceremony
Cast Of Thousands - Pooh Play
Hiking to 7 Falls
Laughlin Trip
Hiking Hollin/Cherry Creek
2010 Air Show
Snow Shoeing Palisades
Snow Shoeing Oracle Control Road
Snow Shoeing Rose Canyon
Shooting at Mile 5
Hiking Chivo Falls
Snow Shoeing Bigelow
2-21-10 Hiking Babad Duog
2-20-10 Hiking Chiva
2-13-10 2010 24 Hour Race
2-08-10 Hiking Carilio Loop
1-31-10 Snow Shoeing Marshal Gulch
1-30-10 Snow Shoeing Aspen Draw
1-28-10 Snow Shoeing Rose Canyon
1-16-10 Hiking Italian Springs
1-10-10 Hiking Ventana Trail
1-09-10 Hiking Brush Corral
12-29-09 Hiking Oracle Ridge
12-26-09 Hiking/Skiing
12-13-09 Hiking Wrigtston
11-29-09 Hiking Sunset/Marshall/Aspen
11-28-09 Hiking Green Mountain
11-15-09 Hiking to Bear Spring
11-08-09 Hiking Box Camp/Sabino
10-25-09 Hiking Lemmon to Carter Canyon
09-20-09 Hiking Super and Baldy Trail
09-19-09 Biking AZ Trail
09-07-09 Hiking Aspen Loop
08-29-09 Hiking Bog and Kent Spring Trail
08-22-09 Hiking Wrightston
08-02-09 Soldier's Canyon Recon Hike
08-01-09 Hiking Novio Spring
07-18-09 Hiking Bigelow
06-07-09 Skate Country
05-31-09 Meadow/Lemmon/Aspen Draw Hike
05-25-09 Brooke and Josh hike Aspen Loop
05-23-09 Hiking the Carrie Nation Trail
05-16-09 Hiking Knagee Trail
05-10-09 Hiking Palisade Trail
05-03-09 Butterfly and Davis Trail  
Whiskey Offroad 2009  
04-11-09 Chiva Falls  
SARA Fun Spring Backpack Trip   SARA Fun Spring Backpack Trip - Gallery 2
03-21-09 Hiking Bug Springs
03-15-09 Hiking Mint-Aspen-Carter
03-14-09 Green Mountain
03-08-09 Hiking Picacho
Rope Fun
Hiking Prison Camp
01-24-09 Trips for Kids Youth Mountain Bike Race
01-04-09 Mt Lemmon Snow Day
01-02-09 Bug Springs
Hiking Saw Mill Canyon
Hiking Box Camp in the Snow
Christmas Time Pictures
Hiking CDO to Red Ridge
12-16-08 Hiking Butterfly
11-29-08 Hiking CDO Sanmaniego
Hiking to Bear Canyon
Hiking to Safford Peak
El Tour 2008
Fosters Play
Hiking to Leopold Point
Mike's Visit To Tucson
10-11-08 Hiking Marshal in to Wilderness of Rocks
10-11-08 Hiking Carter Canyon
10-5-08 Hiking Escudilla Trail
10-4-08 Tour of the White Mountains
10-3-08 House Visitor
9-25-08 Hiking Blacketts Ridge
9-21-08 Hiking Mint Springs
9-14-08 Hiking Butterfly To Novio Spring
9-1-08 Hiking Tanque Verde Falls
8-23-08 Hiking 7 Cataracts and Tanque verde Falls
8-23-08 Hiking Florida Canyon Trail
Hiking CDO Trail
Hiking Bug Spring Trail
Hiking 7 Falls
Hiking 7 Falls and Bear Canyon Recon
Hiking Bigelow and Butterfly
Hiking Box Camp
Hiking Aspen Trail and 4th of July Parade
Hiking Phoneline Loop
Hiking Wilderness of Rocks Loop
Alaskan Inside Passage Cruise
5-1-08 Fosters 15th Sakura Dinner
4-26-08 Whiskey 08
4-20-08 Reid Park
4-13-08 Crest Trail Backpack Trip
3-30-08 Laurinne's Birthday
3-30-08 50 Year Trail
3-29-08 Hiking Sycamore Reservoir
3-15-08 FMX
3-1-08 Picacho Peak
2008 24 Hour Race
2-5-08 Sara Fun Hike (Bobad Doag To Soldiers)
1-30-08 Sara Fun Hike (Finger Rock Trail)
1-19-08 Hiking Red Ridge
1-13-08 Skiing Mt Lemmon
12-31-07 New Years Eve
12-30-07 Hiking Armour Spring
12-25-07 Christmas at home
12-23-07 Skiing Mt Lemmon
Titan Missle Museum
Hiking the Super Trail
Hiking Green Mtn 12-14-07
12-09-07 Hiking Pusch Peak
BRO Holiday Party 12-08-07
11-11-07 Cave Creek Trail
11-4-07 Kent Spring Trail
10-28-07 Vertical Mile
10-07-07 Hiking Rose Peak
9-30-07 Hiking Hollins Basin
9-26-07 CrossCountry McDonald Park
9-24-07 Meadow Trail and Incinerator Peak
9-15-07 Flagstaff Cross Country Meet
9-11-07 Hiking Babad Duog Trail
8-26-07 Hiking Humphreys Peak
8-21-07Sean And Brooke Hiking Babad Doag Vista Trail
8-11-07Sean and Brooke Hiking Box Camp
7-29-07 Hiking Butterfly
7-21-07 Hiking Milagrosa
07-08-07 Hiking Mint Springs
6-23-07 Camping Mt Graham
Hiking Humphreys 6-17-07
6-10-07 Hiking Aspen Trail Loop
6-02-07 Hiking Lemmon Rock Trail
5-28-07 Hiking Agua Caliente Canyon
5-19-07 Jim amd Jane's Wedding
5-5-07 Foster Birthday Party
5-5-07 Hiking Milagrosa
5-1-07 Foster Sakura Birthday Celebration
4-28-07 Billy Fawcett Wedding
4-27-07 Willow Canyon To Rose Peak
4-20-07 Pima County Fair
4-20-07 Hiking Red Ridge to Oracle Ridge
4-15-07 Hiking Box Camp
4-09-07 Building BMX Track
4-01-07 BackPack Sabino Canyon to Summer Haven
Hiking Mt Wrigtston
Picnic at Agua Caliente Park
Hiking Palisades with Frank
Scott and Alma Wedding 2007
2007 24 Hour Race
1-26-07 - 1-28-07 Madera to Gardner
1-22-07 Snow In Tucson
1-21-07 Snow At The House
1-21-07 Hiking Babad Duog
1-14-07 Mountain Biking Gardner Canyon
New Years 2007
12-30-06 Snow Shoeing Oracle Ridge Trail
12-29-06 Hiking Bug Spring
12-03-06 Peppersauce Cave
11-25-06 Hiking Butterfly Trail
11-24-06 Hiking Green Mtn
11-19-06 Hiking Butterfly
11-12-06 Green Mountain & Maverick Spring
11-06-06 Night Hiking Soldier's Trail
11-04-06 Biking Fantasy
11-04-06 Green Mtn To Guthrie Mtn
Foster at Reid Park Zoo
Foster Recital 10-14-06
Blanche Birthday Party 10-14-06
Foster & Sean Hike To Chiva 9-9-06
Hiking Aspen Loop 9-3-06
Castles and Coasters 8-20-06
Hiking To Tanque Verde Falls 8-6-06
Hiking To Mt. Wrightston from Madera 7/06
New Kitchen Flooring
MonsoonStorm 07-06
Florida Trip 2006
Foster's 13th Birthday Party
Foster's 13th Birthday Dinner
National Nunior Honors Society Induction
3-11-06 Hiking Chiva
2006 24 Hour Race
El Tour De Tucson
Hiking with Neosha to Sycamore
New Bike Rack 09-24-05
Paul and Kim's Wedding Shower
Pool Construction
Florida Trip 07-23-05
Rocks and Ropes 05\28\05
Fashion Show (Video)
4-30-05 Hiking Agua Caliente Pools
2005 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo
Biking 50 Year Trail
Laundry Room Part 1
Presenting Naiguina!
Biking to Kentucy Camp 12/18/04
Biking at Fantasy with new mountain bike
El Tour De Tucson 2004
Hiking Mt Wrightston and Camping at Madera Canyon
Tumacacori Century 2004
Burdick Wedding
Bill and Cristie Wedding
Hiking Mt Lemmon 10-6-04`
Bobcat in neighbors back yard.
Hiking 7 Falls 8-29-04
Nogales 2004
Zion Trip 8/2004
4th of July 2004
Building the Shed
Hiking 7 Cataracts 04-17-04
Chiva Falls 3-27-2004
Hiking Wrigtston 03-09-04
Caving Pepper Sauce
Newest Family Member 01/30/04
Sledding Mt Lemmon 01-29-04
Vacationing in Rocky Point 2003
El Tour De Tucson 2003
Hiking to Mt Wrightston 03/22/03
Leveling the garden
Hiking Chiva Falls 03-08-03
Brad and Anita Super bowl party 2003
Foster's New Bed

Backpacking Aspen Trail Sean Brooke and Thor 12/28/02 - 12/29/02

Lights at the Zoo (Foster, Emily, Brooke and Sean) 12/14/02
Hay Ride 12/01/02
New Cat House 12/01/02
Backpacking 11-22-02 (Bill's Pics)
Backpacking 11-22-02
Paul's Birthday 11-02-02
Pumpkin Carving 10-27-02
Biking to Agua Caliente 10-20-02
Hiking 7 Falls 09-09-02
Dinner at Irong Grill with Pierre and Family
Seattle Development Summit09-02
Hiking 7 Falls 08-24-02
The Baby Bunny 08-15-02
Hiking 7 Falls 08-10-02
The Tarantula 08-08-02
Misc Pictures 08-04-02
Summer Haven 7/21/02
Javelina out front 2002
Elizabeth's Girl Scout Awards 2002
Elizabeth's Birthday Dinner at Sakura
Star and Sam Brown's Wedding
Car Accident
Easter 2002
Bike Swap 2002
Hiking Chiva Falls 3-24-02
St. Patrick's Day 2002
Thor and Chelsea playing
Foster's Dog, Chelsea
7 Falls (09/09/01)
Alaska Vacation
Backpacking Hutch's Pool (07/08/01)
Bull Frog (07/05/01)
Canyoning Seven Cataracts(07/01/01)
White Mountains Vacation (06/15/01)
Hiking Molino Trail East (06/09/01)
Memorial Day Weekend '01
Girls Scout Awards
Foster's 8th Birthday Party(5/5/01)
Foster's 8th Birthday(5/1/01)
Foster's School Fiesta(4/28/01)
House Warming Party(4/21/01)
Easter (2001)
Ann's Birthday (4/14/01)
Ren Fair(03/24/01)
Hiking in the Catalina's on Palisade Trail (01/20/01)
Hiking in the Catalina's on Soldiers Trail (01/06/01)
RightFAX  end of year party pictures (01/06/00)
Our house
Misc. Pictures from Christmas
Foster's School Christmas Pageant.